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Our Philosophy

There is a place that we all go when our world has become overwhelming,

It is a place where we release and relax without pretence. Without artifice, with humble simplicity. Whether this world exists in a place by the water or within our minds doesn't matter.

What we do know is we can focus on this place and feel free from our daily turmoil.

Let us take you to that place.......

What does Aesthetica Spa have to offer you?

Feel the magic as you enter the ambiance of Aesthetica Spa. At that very second, "you" become THE most important person in the entire world!

Start your rejuvenating life experience in our health inducing infra-red, dry sauna -- sipping contentedly on a glass of cool, bubbly water…with your personal music playing softly in the background. Then, float demurely into the waiting hands of Aesthetica's experienced aestheticians to continue your journey into a world of total relaxation, leaving the world and all of its problems behind.

Aesthetica Spa offers you so many choices … from the anticipated manicures and pedicures (including gel nails, French polish and personal nail design) … to eyelash and eyebrow tinting; wax hair removal (we even do Brazilian!); hot stone aromatherapy massage; full-body wraps (such as "Elixir of Life" or "Awakening in Beauty" - sound intriguing?); and specialized high-end anti-aging treatments, including "Trinity". The possibilities are endless!! Aesthetica Spa also has a "registered massage therapist" available.

Whether it's a spa day for one (perhaps the … "I am special" package!) or a romantic day for two (mmmm…maybe the "Amore"!) or a package that is custom-made to suit your preferences ... Aesthetica Spa is "the best little spa-house in town" and south Ottawa's best kept secret.

Privacy commitment:

Your privacy is important to us. Aesthetica Spa will not sell or share any of your information with any third party.

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