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Note: All prices subject to change without notice.

Infrared Dry Sauna Therapy

15 Mins-$20 | 30 Mins-$30 | 8*30 Mins-$190 | 16*30 Mins-$350 |Session for 2 together 30 Min-$40 |

The infrared rays penetrate up to 2" into the body, increasing blood circulation and cellular activity. This gives the heart and circulatory system an aerobic exercise as well. As muscles and joints are loosened up, more oxygen is absorbed, resulting in a refreshed and energized feeling, as aches and pains disappear.

Sauna therapy is also considered to assist in environmental detoxification:

  • Removes heavy metals and fat-stored toxins
  • Increases cardiovascular conditioning
  • Stimulates immune System
  • Improves circulation
  • Provides pain relief
  • Enhances weight loss
  • Reduces cellulite
  • Enhances beautiful skin
  • Reduces stress

Registered Massage Therapy (RMT)

60 Min-$80.00

… with insurance receipts

Our RMT assesses clients by conducting orthopaedic tests, range of motion, muscle testing and proposing a treatment plan.

Reflexology and Reiki Session

30 Min-$40.00 | 60 Min-$70.00

Hot Stone Aromatherapy

30 Min-$50.00 | 60 Min-$90.00

Imagine yourself cast adrift on a sea of luxurious warmth. All the cares and stresses of the day floating away. Our Hot Stone massage experience will leave you with an incredible sensation of true relaxation.

Massage for TWO
(Same Room, Same Time)

60 Min: Hot Stone-$180.00 Relaxing-$140.00

Complimentary … 30 mins dry sauna (value $40.00)

Swedish or Sport Massage

30 Min-$40.00 | 60 Min-$70.00 |

…with aroma-therapy…Add $10.00

Whether it's for stress reduction, pain relief, or relaxation … let us know and we can help!

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