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Note 1. All prices subject to change without notice


Gel Nails (tips or extension…)

45 Min. $60.00

Our popular gel nails protect your natural nails and allow them to grow, with no damage to the natural nail. Perfect for the "nail biter" looking for a great nail look!

ALL of our gel systems listed here are safe and, with proper application and removal, do not harm the natural nail.

Refill: $38.00 Four refills and 5th one is "free"! Removal: $15.00

Application of Bio Sculpture (TM)
Non-chip Nail colour Gel-

45 Min. $45.00

including, French finish with dry manicure; non toxic, no odour-Overlay

Tips or extensions (applied to "tip" of natural nail to enhance length):     $65.00

Bio-Sculpture is an organic and odour free gel. Perfect for the bride-to-be, vacationers or just for casual wear.

Bio-Sculpture comes in many different, non-chip colours or just the classic French application.

T3 Fiber (TM) European Gel

Extra strong, used with silk to reinforce strength for greater extensions

Acrygel (TM)

Great for people who are hard on their hands. This gel has the strength of an acrylic but is as safe as a gel.

Polish change only


"French" polish

Add On: Add $8.00 to any manicure

The ultimate in elegance!

Basic Manicure

30 Min $24.00

A gentle, soothing soak of your finger tips is combined with our unique cuticle treatment. Your nails are then shaped as you prefer, followed by a relaxing massage of each hand and topped off by a professional polishing of your nails, in a colour of your choice. Economical, but thorough!

Spa Manicure

40 Min $30.00

The "spa manicure" begins with a gentle soak of your finger tips, combined with our unique cuticle treatment. A deep conditioning mask is then applied to your hands, followed by a gentle massage. Polish in your choice of colour tops off this extraordinary experience!

Deep Hydrating Manicure

50 Min $40.00


This manicure is customized according to your unique needs. It begins with a basic manicure but includes a deep rejuvenating mask and exfoliation, followed by a corrective massage aimed at improving blood circulation. Your hands are then immersed in a warm PARAFFIN MASK which softens the invigorates the skin. Polish in your choice of colour tops off this exhilarating experience. Many of our clients claim positive effects on arthritis!


Bio Sculpture gel application with pedicure:


(including "French" finish or non-chip colour)

No more waiting time for your polish to dry. Gel application will be perfectly dry at the end of your pedicure. Ideal for winter season, and for vacationers who will be relaxing on the beach!.

Polish change only:

20 Mins 15.00

French polish

Add On: with other pedicure $6.00

The ultimate in elegance!

Unique designs

$5.00 extra with any polish application.

Whirlpool Pedicure

1 Hr. 10 Mins $55.00

Relax in our "especially for you MASSAGE CHAIR" while your feet are hydro massaged by the clean, jet whirlpool foot spa.

This treatment begins with our unique cuticle treatment. Your nails are then shaped to your specifications.

A deep exfoliation of calluses follows, using top-quality products from Gehwol™ (1) and Allpresan™ (2). This extraordinary pedicure is topped off with a sea salt & a mineral mud and hot towels mask, combined with a relaxing foot and lower leg massage. A professional polish application, in a colour of your choice, creates a smooth finish.


Deep Hydrating Pedicure

1 Hr. 20 Mins $65.00

This absolutely ULTIMATE pedicure includes all of the features of the "whirlpool pedicure" … BUT this unique pedicure provides you with an additional PARAFFIN MASK, to leave your skin soft and your feet feeling the best they have in ages!

Reflexology with pedicure:

Add 15 Mins to any pedicure $20.00

According to the Ontario College of Reflexology: Reflexology is a focused pressure technique, usually directed at the feet or hands. It is based on the premise that there are zones and reflexes on different parts of the body which corresponds to and are relative to all parts, glands and organs of the entire body. For more information on reflexology: http://www.ocr.edu

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