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Preparing for your visit to Aesthetica Spa:

Aesthetica Spa is intent upon providing the highest quality service. Our goal is to ensure that Aesthetica's clients have a relaxing and enjoyable experience that meets their individual expectations.


Please feel free to ask questions before, during or after a treatment … or for that matter, on any issue relating to the Aesthetica Spa. We shall assist you in every possible way. Send your questions to info@aestheticaspa.ca


While drop-in services "might" be available on a "chance" basis, the best way to ensure that your wants and desires are met is to reserve your services in advance.


Clients who are unable to attend their appointments are respectfully requested to let us know at least 24 hours prior to the appointment time. This allows us to fill that time period with a client who may be on a waiting list.

We greatly appreciate being advised as soon as reasonably possible when a client anticipates a possible late arrival. This information allows us to modify our schedule and meet the needs of other clients who may be affected by the delay.


Be sure to drink plenty of water prior to your arrival. Both the sauna and many of our body treatments are most effective when the body is well hydrated.

If your service requires you to lie down, we recommend that you limit your food intake to a light meal of salad, vegetables and/or fruit. Heavy breads and meats should be avoided so as to reduce/eliminate stomach and chest discomfort.

When to arrive:

It is customary to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment. This advance arrival ensures that you have time to "wind down", enjoy a few moments of solitude and perhaps enjoy a cappuccino or a soothing cup of herbal tea. Early arrival also prevents delays which may impact on clients arriving for later appointments.


Unfortunately, Aesthetica Spa does not have a créche available; however, arrangements may be made to accommodate your needs. Just ask us!

AND…why not make it a "mom's day out"! Should you and five of your friends desire a moms-and-tots day, we would be pleased to provide you with private access to the spa.


As a courtesy to our clients who are intent upon relaxing, we request that cell phones be turned off upon entering the spa.


There is no particular dress code for visiting the Aesthetica Spa itself.

Clients whose appointments involves a pedicure should wear comfortable clothing that allows the legging portion to roll up to the knee.

Clients whose appointments involve a facial, massage, sauna, body wrap or other body treatment are provided with a terry-towel wrap-around or dressing gown. Many choose to wear their undergarments. Some of our female clients prefer to wear a bathing suit.

Our male clients are encouraged to wear briefs, leisure shorts or a bathing suit while having their services.


Aesthetica Spa's products have a natural base, with a low fragrance content. Given that many of our clients have reactions to fragrance, we encourage our clients to reduce or eliminate wearing additional fragrance to their appointments.

More info:

Google using "spa etiquette" to find numerous articles on spa services, what to expect and what to ask … OR … just ask us!

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